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Don't let your translation seem like an automatic translation.

A translation is not just a substitution of one word for another; it is also selecting the words that will give the true sense of the original document taking into account both cultures.


A translation for a wide audience should be readable both to native and non-native readers.

I translate between both languages and can provide certified translations when needed. Contact me.

About me

I have experience in a variety of fields that relate to languages and technology.


Translation is fascinating because it brings together knowledge and skills from several fields.


I am a bilingual speaker of English and Portuguese, with a Bachelor of Arts in English.


I have experience in providing technical support remotely by phone, email and remote desktop clients.


As a technical writer at PeopleSoft, Inc. I was able to combine my technical knowledge with my skills in the English language to effectively communicate complex concepts simply.


My translation experience covers a wide range of topics including local tourism guides and information, websites, contracts, divorce decrees, several types of certificates, financial reports, how to trade in the financial markets and even a short historical book “A Passagem das Bestas” / “The Passage of the Beasts” and its accompanying video.


I keep myself updated on both the English and Portuguese languages and cultures through reading current books and several different websites. The technology that we now have available to us allows me to easily keep one foot in each country and culture.